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De ANWB Wegenwacht had zich toch zó voorbereid op die beloofde horrorwinter! Waar bleef die nou? Op de eerste werkdag in zomertijd blikken we terug op het zwaarste seizoen van de wegenwacht…

We maakten een filmpje met hoofdrol voor Kees, wegenwacht in hart en nieren, die tot het bittere eind blijft hopen op die barre kou…

Stiekem best grappig.


The past months, the Dutch Road Service was prepared for what meteorologists predicted would be “a horror winter”. On the first day of Daylight Savings Time (or: Summer Time), we look back at the service’s toughest season of the year.

We created a short film with Kees as main character, a road service man at heart, who stays hopeful for a cold front till the very end…

Pretty funny if you ask us. ;-)

Stay Together

This video series by Skype is a great example of the power of digital storytelling: it showcases personal stories about actual people who are enabled to stay together via Skype. In a direct and yet organic way, we see how Skype integrates into the fabric of people’s lives; and we get to know some fascinating individuals and their amazing stories.
The brand called for submissions from around the world in response to the question: “How do you stay together over Skype?”  with the Stay Together video series as a result.

This episode, ‘The Born Friends Family Portrait’, features a heartwarming portrait two best friends, with a special history.

Aren’t you a Skype fan after seeing this video? We are!

Laughing Buddha Viral Nominated For Award


Hurray! Our successful viral video for Rituals Cosmetics - the Laughing Tram Man, currently close to 2 million views in total - has been shortlisted in the category Best Web Video for the prestigious Digital Communication Awards 2013 in Berlin.

We will be presenting our case to the jury on September 20th. But for now, we are very proud and honoured indeed to be shortlisted amongst so many accomplished brands and agencies.

See you in Berlin! ;-)


The Secret Lives of Supercutters
Why people spend so many hours stitching footage into YouTube collages.

From Slate comes this terrific article on the makers of ‘supercuts’. Excerpt:

Since the beginning of time, humans have reshaped the creative works we encounter. Oral tradition invited storytellers to embellish existing narratives. Sheet music was powerless to prevent the parlor pianist’s reinterpretation. In the ’70s and ’80s, turntable jockeys led a sampling explosion. And today, of course, we have the “supercut.”

As YouTube crawlers well know, the supercut strings together rapid-fire, out-of-context movie or TV scenes to create a sort of video essay. What motivates the supercutter to slog through hours of footage to compile these minute observations? And what distinguishes the masters of the form?

Read the full article, with loads of inspiring anecdotes and examples.