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Mesmerizing slow motion footage of trains pulling into the station

It seems like a moment frozen in time…
Take a look at the full project by Adam Magyar, ‘Stainless’ - photo and video of different platforms in New York, Berlin, and Tokyo.

High speed video recording in NYC at Grand Central station.
full video: 10min. 49sec. 720p 50fps

"Smile, you’re on candid camera!"

Laughing Buddha viral and social media campaign for Rituals Cosmetics

Rituals Cosmetics’ new Laughing Buddha collection is all about sharing happiness:

“When you smile to the world, the world smiles back”

We reinvented this old ritual for the 21st century, by creating a hilarious viral video to kick off a campaign to share your smile. The result was a hugely positive audience engagement, over 1.5 million views for the video (and counting!), thousands of #whatmakesyousmile photos uploaded, over 25.000 new Facebook fans and a media frenzy surrounding the launch.

Watch the video we made for Rituals' Laughing Buddha collection and try not to laugh!

Birds (1 of 4 short films)

Stunning video for Anouk's new song 'Birds' (singing in the Eurovision Song Contest final this Saturday).

Directed by one of our favorite Dutch directors: Dana Nechushtan. Watch the entire series of beautiful, sad, lovely films here: Four short films by Anouk - Sad Singalong Songs

Great use of storytelling in this music video miniseries, intermingling and connecting characters, locations and situations, to create a story of larger scale.

M83 ‘Wait’

This is what happens when the band M83 collaborates with French directorial team Fleur & Manu: a dazzling, hallucinatory music video - not sure what it all means, but we love staring at these mysterious images… Last part of a Sci-Fi Music Trilogy featuring some extensive homages to the science-fiction cinema greats. Can you spot them?