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Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) is new sponsor for Feyenoord soccer team, with the compliments of ASR.

VERTOV is really excited to be part of this exciting campaign, rolling out this weekend, set up by main sponsor ASR as a way to support the lovely Rotterdam Zoo. Stay tuned for all updates on or on Twitter hashtag #Feyblij.

Campaign by advertising agency John Doe, supported by us together with Coebergh Communicatie & PR.

What can Augmented Reality do for printed media?

Check out this interesting article dealing with the editorial, advertising and commercial possibilities that augmented reality brings to news outlets.

Extract: ‘It’s not just about watching a video or having a 3D experience. All that stuff is cool but there’s also action the reader can take using AR. These new “click-through experiences” offer users a “visual search” service when looking at products’ (Hugh Mark, head of ad innovation at The Times)

The Secret Lives of Supercutters
Why people spend so many hours stitching footage into YouTube collages.

From Slate comes this terrific article on the makers of ‘supercuts’. Excerpt:

Since the beginning of time, humans have reshaped the creative works we encounter. Oral tradition invited storytellers to embellish existing narratives. Sheet music was powerless to prevent the parlor pianist’s reinterpretation. In the ’70s and ’80s, turntable jockeys led a sampling explosion. And today, of course, we have the “supercut.”

As YouTube crawlers well know, the supercut strings together rapid-fire, out-of-context movie or TV scenes to create a sort of video essay. What motivates the supercutter to slog through hours of footage to compile these minute observations? And what distinguishes the masters of the form?

Read the full article, with loads of inspiring anecdotes and examples.