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Hyundai Street League film

From our good friend and talented writer/director Robert Samuels (aka Superrocketman) in the UK, comes this beautiful and heartfelt film about how football - or soccer for you Americans - transforms the lives of disadvantaged young people. 

Take a moment to be awed by a short film in which football meets poetry meets inspiration. Featuring poem and performance by one of the most respected spoken word artists in the UK: Polarbear.

Street League is a UK charity made possible by Hyundai.

Collective emotions visualized

Emoto is a data art project, which visualizes the emotional response to the 2012 London Olympics. The aim of the project is to collect the Olympics-related data from various social media sites, analyze its emotional tone, and turn it into a visual unit, which not only can be tracked online, but also experienced in an immersive offline installation in London. Such a unique project will later serve as an archive of the collective emotional response to the Olympics.

Emoto will launch on Friday, and you can visit the project’s website or follow it on Twitter for more information.