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Interview with VERTOV’s Martijn Winkler in the redesigned and newly launched Communicatie Magazine - the authoritative publication in the Netherlands for marketing, communication and pr professionals.

Vertov is showcased as an example of the new trend for established agencies (like Coebergh) to create specific ‘labels’ for digital campaigns and creative content. Martijn talks about the benefits this has for clients and for the added effectiveness to (digital) campaigns.

In another article, Martijn shares his strategies on how to reach Millennials - the sought after new generatiuon of consumers that do not respond to ‘traditional’ TV advertising - with lots of inspiring examples.

Do check out the magazine, here at VERTOV HQ :-), perhaps at your office, or order a copy via their website.

“As we move into the future, which is clearly going to be dominated by technology, it’s important that we bring culture along with us.”

If Aaron Koblin wasn’t already your hero, his insights on the future of storytelling will change that – a fascinating look at some of his most acclaimed projects.

Other thinkers’ thoughts on the evolution of storytelling, from the same series, here and here.

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Branding agency Vandejong Amsterdam met with Vertov’s cofounder, Gervaise Coebergh, for their series of interviews with inspirational people on the subject of brands, marketing and PR. (in Dutch)

Gervaise Coebergh

Door Vandejong

In de wekelijkse serie ‘Vandejong interviewt’ vragen we naar de visie van inspirerende personen op merken en branding. Vorige week maakten we kennis met oprichter van Mediamatic Willem Velthoven, vandaag interviewden we Gervaise Coebergh (46) founding partner van Vertov, Coebergh Communicatie & PR, Spice PR en Spice Agency.

Hoe ben jij in je huidige werk beland?
Gewoon, zelf begonnen. Letterlijk driehoog achter. Ik heb daarvoor veel ervaring opgedaan bij VVV Rotterdam, waar ik verantwoordelijk was voor de perscontacten. Het was geen eenvoudige opdracht om toeristische journalisten in die tijd voor Rotterdam te interesseren – maar daarom juist wel leerzaam. De verhuizing naar Amsterdam, mijn grote liefde achterna, vormde een natuurlijk moment om voor mezelf te beginnen.

Wat drijft jou in je werk?
Het plezier om dingen tot bloei te brengen, gecombineerd met een grote nieuwsgierigheid in hoe dingen in elkaar steken. 

Read the full interview on the Vandejong blog.

Frank Rose on digital storytelling and media immersion

This is a great weekend read, an insightful interview with Frank Rose (from Wired). Excerpt:

How is digital – and the digital generation – changing the way we tell stories? What’s the difference between this at an individual level and a commercial level?

It’s transforming stories from a product we consume to an experience we share. Twentieth-century mass media were a natural outgrowth of the technology and economics of their day.

A mechanistic, industrial society yielded mass-produced products - newspapers, movies, cars, refrigerators, TV shows - that could be efficiently pushed out to a more or less undifferented public. There’s a reason they used to call Hollywood “the dream factory.”

Digital turns that on its ear, because suddenly the need to stamp out products mechanically gives way to the ability to customize them in response to customer feedback. This is as true of stories as it is of T-shirts. Movies are still a powerful storytelling mechanism, but now they can be augmented by shared storytelling experiences that can play out both online and in the real world.

Read the entire piece here.