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A typology of interactive narratives

The slide above (from Benjamin Hoguet illustrates the 6 modes of interactive narratives. Traditional feature films can mimic these topologies but, in the end, find themselves progressing linearly though time. This constraint can be an asset, perhaps no more deftly exploited than by Andrei Tarkovksy - who wrote an entire book about sculpting time in the medium of filmmaking. 

The most powerful experiences stretch us beyond our own known world, imbuing us with new perspectives. Furthermore, by having some agency in how the experience forms, the passive mode of movie-watching can turn into something tangibly active. The stories themselves can’t be linear any longer, as illustrated above, so every intention in the experience must be that much more rewarding.

Bad Trip is Alan Kwan’s creative project released last year at Games for Change Australia and New Zealand Festival. Alan decided in November 2011 to film every moment of his life with a camera mounted on his glasses, producing an expanding database of digitalized visual memories. He then created a virtual mindscape where people can navigate and experience his memories and dreams.

Although bizarre, it is for sure a step forward in the digital revolution of today. What do you think?

The Silent History

The Silent History is a novel, written and designed specially for iPad and iPhone, that uses serialization, exploration, and collaboration to tell the story of a generation of unusual children.

Wired calls it “Entirely Revolutionary”. An immersive digital storytelling experience by a group of acclaimed storytellers indeed: Eli Horowitz (former managing editor and publisher of McSweeney’s), Kevin Moffett (author of Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events and Permanent Visitors), Matthew Derby (author of Super Flat Times), Russell Quinn (co-founder of digital studio Spoiled Milk), and contributors on five continents.

The more, the hotter

 As explained in the video above, Perrier’s Le Club was the first ever video that evolved with the number of viewers. It was created to promote Perrier, a well-known mineral water brand. Basically, each visit to Perrier’s YouTube channel was counted, and as the number of views rose, the video got hotter and more intense. The brand’s aim was to attract a younger crowd (25-35 year-olds), who weren’t that interested in Perrier before.
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Flex a muscle, play a tune

Love it or hate it, but it’s been generating quite an online buzz recently. This new interactive Old Spice campaign features Terry Crew wired to numerous musical instruments. Whenever he flexes a muscle, one of the instruments starts playing. And you can record your own tune by using your keyboard to flex Crew’s muscles in real time. Interestingly enough, it’s probably one of the first interactive videos on Vimeo!

The Exquisite Forest: collaborative storytelling

Google created this experiment in order to see how HTML 5 drawing application can be combined with animation to enable us to create stories, which can be extended by others, and thus branched off at any time and in any direction.

Visit The Exquisite Forest website, where you can create your own story tree from scratch or contribute to the story trees created by others.

The Cinema of Tomorrow


Have any of you, digital natives, ever dreamed of going to see a movie and then fully immersing in it, interacting with the characters, and influencing the narrative? Well, now it’s possible, at least to some extent.


SCENARIO is an innovative cinematic installation inspired by the modernist television work entitled Quadrat I+II (by Samuel Beckett). The plot revolves around a female character, incarcerated in a basement along with her children. Her father lives above the basement and holds his daughter and grandchildren hostage. The audience follows the aforementioned female character and her children as they try to escape from, what seems to be, the endless basement.

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