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M83 ‘Wait’

This is what happens when the band M83 collaborates with French directorial team Fleur & Manu: a dazzling, hallucinatory music video - not sure what it all means, but we love staring at these mysterious images… Last part of a Sci-Fi Music Trilogy featuring some extensive homages to the science-fiction cinema greats. Can you spot them?

Check-in with your face

This idea simply eats Foursquare and other similar check-in tools for breakfast. Such facial recognition devices can be installed at local restaurants, cafes and other businesses, to recognize your face - and thus check you in at that particular location - the second you walk in. Furthermore, your smartphone informs you of a special deal (or two) based on your ‘like’ history. Yes, it’s slightly creepy, but definitely fresh and fun. Welcome to the future.

More about the project here.

iPad robot

Do you often find yourself wishing you could be in two places at once? Well, you can finally make it happen with the new iPad robot from Double Robotics, which allows you to control your virtual self from a distance.

You can read more about (and pre-order) it here.

The Future of the Book

Ever thought about what’s going to happen to the book, as a medium, in the near future? Since it’s so deeply rooted in our culture, there’s just no way it’s going to disappear altogether, but rest assured, the book’s going to change, it’s going to evolve and manifest in so many different forms, some of which are discussed in this video. Of course, it shouldn’t be taken for granted, but it indeed gives some fruit for thought.

We must embrace the reality that we are at the beginning of a global shift from copy to access: many of us will be happy with just having access to content, anytime, anywhere, on the best screen available, rather than wanting to ‘own’ (i.e. download) it. If ‘the cloud’ proves that it works we will make the switch - just like we switched from printed maps to navigation devices.