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Digitized magazine subscriptions for business waiting rooms

We’ve already seen The Silent History iPad novel use location detection to unlock extra content as part of its engagement with readers. Now Foli is using the same technology to bring waiting room literature up to date by enabling businesses to offer customers a selection of digital magazines that only becomes accessible at their physical location.

The Connected Life is at the centre of this Financial Times video which features the smart home, the connected car, mobile health and more.

Reporting from the recent MWC (mobile world congress) in Barcelona, it includes an interview with CCO of GSMA, Michael O’Hara, on what a connected life really means to us. 

Some great visuals here. If you have 3 minutes, check it out.

(via designersofthings)

Great animation depicting the death of print in the digital age.

Although we are in favor of the new and digital, we cannot but admit that the image of the paper dinosaur giving his last breath on the iPad is deeply touching. Even so, there’s the irony of watching this online and not reading it in a tangible publication…