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Digital for social cause #1

The use of social media to draw the public’s attention towards socially important issues is not a surprisingly fresh idea. However, as is the case with pretty much everything creative, such campaigns are not always perfect, and thus it is always intriguing to see something digital being used for a good cause, and in a creative way. The whole deal becomes that much more amazing when it is both, fun and effective, right?

The QR-code part here is not entirely innovative per se, but the campaign as a whole, including the app, websites, and posters, is indeed quite creative and fun. Furthermore, this campaign manages to capture some sort of an atmosphere that is appealing to the campaign’s main target audience, the youngsters. Moreover, it does so through digital media, which is an undeniably great choice for the young who certainly spend more time looking at their iPhones rather than at the posters hanging on the street, for instance. Well, once again, the digital saves the world, or at least functions as a fun reminder to those of us who are ever-so-slightly irresponsible.