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Digitized magazine subscriptions for business waiting rooms

We’ve already seen The Silent History iPad novel use location detection to unlock extra content as part of its engagement with readers. Now Foli is using the same technology to bring waiting room literature up to date by enabling businesses to offer customers a selection of digital magazines that only becomes accessible at their physical location.

Digital storytelling is a great business opportunity for brands!

Are you still questioning why?!

In a nutshell, digital storytelling means going where your audience goes and starting a conversation. It’s focused on human behavior and it consists of creating engaging and interactive stories for the digital audiences of today.

Check out the presentation above to see how smart use of digital storytelling is reflected in the brands’ business growth. excerpt:  Switch from a “what digital thing should I build” question to “why is this a problem and how can I use digital to solve it?” approach. Explore macro-trends that are happening because of digital (e.g. sharing economy, redistribution markets, sustainability, social consumption). Ask why those trends are happening. Ask what they mean for your industry.

SparkOptimus - Drinks & Digital Inspiration at the Rijksmuseum

This summer, the digital top management consultancy firm SparkOptimus held their first annual summer event on digital inspiration, with an array of famed and influential speakers and guests. Ranging from Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, to director of the Rijksmuseum Wim Pijbes, to CEO of Royal Philips Electronics Frans van Houten.

Vertov was in charge of creating all-inclusive audiovisual reports of the event, as well as a short video highlighting key moments (and figures) of the afternoon.

Have a peek at the new Rijksmuseum interior!

The social era will reward those organizations that realize they don’t create value all by themselves. If the industrial era was about building things, the social era is about connecting things, people, and ideas. Networks of connected people with shared interests and goals create ways that can produce returns for any company that serves their needs.