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WWF recently launched WWF Together, an iPad app that brings us closer to pandas, whales, polar bears and other species, creating a beautiful, beautiful experience! It combines technology with education, fun, excellent photography and cool interaction features such as the “tiger vision” with the iPad camera or the origami instructions.

A great way to raise awareness on endangered species!


 Twitter adds filters, but misses the point

This article is just spot on! It’s about the (visual) storytelling, not the gadgetry, settings or in this case, filters:

Instagram is winning because of the photo-centric community it has built. Instagram created its own medium — a photo stream — that’s easily digestible while exerting minimal brain power. Facebook began with words, and with wall posts, and later evolved to include images. Instagram, on the other hand, was born of a world where people carry smartphones with decent cameras every day and use them to tell stories to friends. Instagram’s success is about a new way to show what you’re up to. It’s about creating a photographic timeline of your life you can flip through as easily as thumbing through a child’s picture book. The filters are just gravy.

(via thisistheverge)

Angry Birds Star Wars

On November 8, the Angry Birds Star Wars game was released, as collaboration between the two worldwide known entertainment brands.  It is available for smartphones, as well as for Mac, PC and Windows 8.

An Angry Birds game with the Star Wars universe wrapped around it: how do you think fans will react to this Star Wars spin-off and how will the space story of Angry Birds change?

Magic Tate Ball

This is a great way of discovering art, depending on… your geographical location, live weather and the noise around.  Magic Tate Ball is a location-based app that browses the Tate Museum’s collection and, if you shake your phone, it will show an artwork linked to your surroundings. Also, every work comes with a brief description of the reason why the app chose it and a few words about the artist.

What artwork did you encounter today?