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Stay Together

This video series by Skype is a great example of the power of digital storytelling: it showcases personal stories about actual people who are enabled to stay together via Skype. In a direct and yet organic way, we see how Skype integrates into the fabric of people’s lives; and we get to know some fascinating individuals and their amazing stories.
The brand called for submissions from around the world in response to the question: “How do you stay together over Skype?”  with the Stay Together video series as a result.

This episode, ‘The Born Friends Family Portrait’, features a heartwarming portrait two best friends, with a special history.

Aren’t you a Skype fan after seeing this video? We are!

Laughing Buddha Viral Nominated For Award


Hurray! Our successful viral video for Rituals Cosmetics - the Laughing Tram Man, currently close to 2 million views in total - has been shortlisted in the category Best Web Video for the prestigious Digital Communication Awards 2013 in Berlin.

We will be presenting our case to the jury on September 20th. But for now, we are very proud and honoured indeed to be shortlisted amongst so many accomplished brands and agencies.

See you in Berlin! ;-)



Such a great campaign from our friends at Ubuntu via to raise 10.000 euros for the Ubuntu Academy in Cape Town. Donate and immediately receive a creative thank you video straight from Blikkiesdorp, a township near Cape Town, South-Africa. Heartwarming fun!

Here’s the video for Guus Meeuwis, Dutch pop-artist, for his contribution today.

Help Ubuntu get it done in a day!

Cleverly filmed celebration of freedom in advertising

Our pick for this year’s Oscar for best foreign film is the film ‘No’, director Pablo Larrain’s new chronicle of the last days of Augusto Pinochet’s rule in Chile. It is the story of a military dictatorship that fell to an add campaign, a cheerful one at that.  

Larrain has also created a film of fascinating stylistic independence. The entire film is shot on old video equipment, dramatically lowering the quality of the images to what we have become used to today. 

It is an open conversation about the very means by which we understand ourselves and our societies, the way that we internalize advertising and news footage.

Such a lovely campaign: insurance company a.s.r. helping out a much-loved Rotterdam icon in need: Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo), by “giving” them the sponsorship of soccer team Feyenoord.

And here’s the commercial featuring Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his son Jake to spread this joyous news!

We are really excited to be part of this exciting campaign, rolling out this weekend. Stay tuned for all updates on or on Twitter hashtag #Feyblij.

Creative campaign by advertising agency John Doe, campaign release supported by us together with Coebergh Communicatie & PR.

Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) is new sponsor for Feyenoord soccer team, with the compliments of ASR.

VERTOV is really excited to be part of this exciting campaign, rolling out this weekend, set up by main sponsor ASR as a way to support the lovely Rotterdam Zoo. Stay tuned for all updates on or on Twitter hashtag #Feyblij.

Campaign by advertising agency John Doe, supported by us together with Coebergh Communicatie & PR.

Brilliant, this. Selfridges introduces No Noise: a de-branding campaign to bring peace and quiet in an otherwise loud and hectic retail environment.

NO NOISE by Selfridges

London retailer Selfridges is taking a different approach to retail as it presents the No-Noise campaign for 2013.

With the crowds at big chain retailers already enough to give people headaches, imagine a shopping space where everything is free of all noise—literally and figuratively. Brands including Levi’s, Beats by Dre, and Marmite have offered to de-brand their goods for the store’s Quiet Shop. Selfridges even took the time to de-brand their own shopping bag. 

Perhaps One Of The Best Anti-Smoking Ads Ever Created.

A Thai guerrilla-style stunt that uses a very direct approach in a surprising way: part of a story’s power is WHO is telling it… and how the story INTERACTS with the listener. Take a look and see for yourself how these rules are put to great use.

And put out that cigarette!

(via @kordeboer)