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Hoe luidt het land? (The hum of Holland)

At a special Dutch Directors Guild screening yesterday, we had the pleasure of viewing Stella van Voorst van Beest’s latest documentary film. It is a stunning and periodically shocking examination of the modern soundscape that transforms the Dutch landscape.
From unforgiving airplanes, to incessant highways, to neverquieting background music in shopping malls, its seems that our auditive modernity will haunt us like a Frankenstein till the end of our days.

Highly recommended!

Kids kick off Change for Good campaign to help UNICEF

Check out the cute and rather funny event we set up at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to kick off the special easyJet/UNICEF campaign: passengers can donate their spare change on board all flights this summer. Did you know: only 1 euro can vaccinate 2 children against a deadly disease, such as measles!

Such a lovely campaign: insurance company a.s.r. helping out a much-loved Rotterdam icon in need: Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo), by “giving” them the sponsorship of soccer team Feyenoord.

And here’s the commercial featuring Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his son Jake to spread this joyous news!

We are really excited to be part of this exciting campaign, rolling out this weekend. Stay tuned for all updates on or on Twitter hashtag #Feyblij.

Creative campaign by advertising agency John Doe, campaign release supported by us together with Coebergh Communicatie & PR.

Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) is new sponsor for Feyenoord soccer team, with the compliments of ASR.

VERTOV is really excited to be part of this exciting campaign, rolling out this weekend, set up by main sponsor ASR as a way to support the lovely Rotterdam Zoo. Stay tuned for all updates on or on Twitter hashtag #Feyblij.

Campaign by advertising agency John Doe, supported by us together with Coebergh Communicatie & PR.


TEDxAmsterdam - Video series for the TEDxAmsterdam Award 2012

To generate buzz and attract applicants for the Award, we created a video series that asked people in the streets of Amsterdam about their passion for ideas. Can an idea be too outlandish? Are new ideas better than old ones? What’s the use of an idea if nothing is done with it?
The videos were spread online, via the website, the varying partner websites and of course via social media, connecting with TED fans all over the Netherlands. 

We were pleasantly surprised by all the heartfelt reactions. And moreover: the resulting amount of applicants for the Award were staggering and of high quality. Mission accomplished!

The TEDxAmsterdam Award an annual idea competition, looking for inspiring ideas that have a positive influence on our society, and particularly focusing on the ideas that have a link with the Netherlands. The winner will get access to the TEDxAmsterdam community and will be invited to present their idea on stage in the Stadsschouwburg on November 30th.

Tumblr - Introducing 5 Awesome Dutch Tumblr Users

For their Dutch launch, we were asked by Tumblr to introduce them to “the Dutch people and media”. Now, Tumblr is not as widespread or known here in the Netherlands. Especially the established Dutch media are clueless about (and not necessarily interested in) an online blogging platform per se. Instead of focusing on Tumblr then (the product, the platform, the technical side, etc.) we decided that the best definition of Tumblr is… its users!

So we proposed doing a video series, portraits of ‘Awesome Dutch Tumblr Users’. Let them tell their stories about how and why they blog, what drives them, what inspires them… not even necessarily focusing on Tumblr in doing so. A series on Digital Culture almost.

The videos feature Ernst-Jan Pfauth blogger and journalist for NRC.Next, Jeanique photographer and online personality, Imaginenanana an immensely popular teen blog focused on boyband One Direction and a lot of self-help questions, simurai a web/tech developer & blogger, and GabyGaby, a social media savvy established artist.

Watch the entire series on our special Vimeo Channel.

Agentschap NL - New Frontiers

Winner of the Gouden Reiger for Best Corporate Film of 2010!

A film promoting the Netherlands as an attractive country for international businesses and investors. We decided to put Holland’s main asset in the spotlight: the Dutch people. They tell the story of THEIR Holland.

The film is divided into several parts, focusing on key issues in the world today. Issues for which the Netherlands have specific expertise of course!