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VERTOV is a digital storytelling agency from Amsterdam. We create stories in social media that matter, here and now.

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When you smile to the world, the world smiles back!


Rituals Cosmetics’ new Laughing Buddha collection is all about sharing happiness: “When you smile to the world, the world smiles back”. We reinvented this old ritual for the 21st century, by creating a viral video to kick off a campaign to share your smile.

Working from clear targets:

  • Create buzz and awareness for the new Laughing Buddha collection
  • Create brand awareness and likability for Rituals in general
  • Send out a positive message, i.e. Rituals makes you smile
  • Appeal to a modern and younger audience (20s-30s) and change focus from Rituals products merely as a gift to products to indulge
  • More Facebook fans

We created a hidden-camera video at a tram stop in the suburbs of Amsterdam. An actor was cast to play the part of a modern-day Laughing Buddha and people were approached after-the-fact if they consented to the video being used. The video was released on YouTube, featured on the Rituals Facebook Page and newsletter and seeded in social media. Collaboration with fashion & beauty bloggers, lifestyle websites, media and online influencers creating an online buzz. Viewers could participate in a photo/smile-sharing contest for added engagement.

The result was huge: tremendous amount of views, shares and likes online, as well as broadcast of the viral in major prime time TV programs around the world, including Germany, USA, Japan, and the Netherlands. The video, campaign message and new product line was published extensively in major online and print media – all in positive buzz.

Yes, this campaign made us all smile!


Client:   Rituals Cosmetics
Concept & Production:   VERTOV
Director: Martijn Winkler
Social Media:   VERTOV, Brandwriters


Reach/views:   9,000,000+
Social channels:   YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
Photos shared:   3,000+
Facebook followers gained:   25,000
Gift sets ordered:   75,000
Awards: GOLD SABRE AWARD 2014, Digital Communication Award 2014


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