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The Dutch Roadside Assistance is ready for the winter!


There is one season every year, when car drivers depend most on the Dutch Roadside Assistance (ANWB Wegenwacht): the winter. Cold, wet, unforgiving… winter season offers huge challenges to our cars and driving skills. We rely on the dependable men and women of the roadside assistance to help us out in times of need.

To communicate to current and potential members that the ANWB Wegenwacht is truly ready for the winter, we devised an online and social Winter campaign. We created two tongue-in-cheek hero videos as digital storytelling kickoff: one announcing the approaching winter, ‘Winter Is Coming’, the other, ‘Horrorwinter’, confirming that even after winter season, the roadside assistance is always there for its members in need.

Both videos were seeded through partnerships with influentials and notable blogs for added exposure, as well as organic seeding through relevant social media channels and aggregate blogging websites. Additionally, ANWB’s own social media channels employed the storytelling narrative and selected copy and artwork from the campaign to tell the Winter stories directly to its follower base.

For ‘Winter Is Coming’, we devised the hashtag #WinterIsComing in direct relation with the same motto from popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, which new season was coming up. Building upon the series notoriety and fanbase, the video and social storytelling quickly gained momentum and added to the branding of ANWB Wegenwacht – making it relevant, stronger, and more sympathetic through its use of humor.

The campaign was mentioned and reviewed favourably in a.o. Marketingfacts and Dutch Cowboys, and nominated for the Best Social Media Awards 2015 and the Gold SABRE Awards 2016.


Client:  ANWB
Concept & Production:  VERTOV
Director:  Martijn Winkler
Social media:  ANWB, VERTOV


Reach/views:  1,500,000+
Social channels:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
Nominations: ‘Best Social Media Awards 2015: Creative’ and Gold SABRE Awards 2016 in Berlin.
Awards: Silver Dolpin at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2016, category viral