The Reddit Mystery (dis)continued?

The Reddit code mystery

Last week we posted a brief summary of the Reddit mystery, expecting that it might evolve into something huge. However, except for several speculations about it, the Reddit mystery seems to be fading away.

Thursday, the 19th

Even though the original poster, ‘delverofsecrets’ deleted his Reddit account due to various threats that he received following his public appearance on July 12th, a number of enthusiasts were still eager to find out what’s going to happen on the 19th. If you’re not aware of why the 19th is so special, click here for our brief summary of the events.

So the long-awaited day finally came and here’s a little coverage of the event:

Some said that it’s going to be one of those smart tricks to promote The Dark Knight Rises, others proposed that it’s somehow related to the newest exhibition, which was about to open nearby, entitled SPY: The Secret World of Espionage. Still others strongly believed that it had something to do with the government, and thus is so important. And we honestly hoped that it’s going to be an ARG, better than any of its predecessors. However, the big day came and… basically nothing. Less than 20 people gathered to witness the event, which didn’t really answer any questions.

The end?

Most likely, yes. On the other hand, they might as well be playing tricks on us, which would be surprising, since such “tricks” are leading to reductions in the number of followers. Anyhow, we’ll keep our eyes open and inform you in case anything new happens.