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The ANWB Wegenwacht Service explains everything you need to know!

We went on an exciting journey with the Dutch motoring organisation ANWB, by creating an appealing and instructive ‘how-to’ video-series for the public. In the videos, relevant experts from the Wegenwacht (road service men) give helpful advice about what to do when your car has mechanical problems, or simply if you’re uncertain about something. The videos answer questions such as: What to do when my car won’t start? or How to prepare my car for a freezing night? 

ANWB and Vertov worked together to create strong storytelling content, delivering useful information online - in a personal and entertaining way. A great extension of the ANWB Wegenwacht’s famed service for car owners, now just as effective online.

Check it out here! 

Mesmerizing slow motion footage of trains pulling into the station

It seems like a moment frozen in time…
Take a look at the full project by Adam Magyar, ‘Stainless’ - photo and video of different platforms in New York, Berlin, and Tokyo.

High speed video recording in NYC at Grand Central station.
full video: 10min. 49sec. 720p 50fps

A typology of interactive narratives

The slide above (from Benjamin Hoguet illustrates the 6 modes of interactive narratives. Traditional feature films can mimic these topologies but, in the end, find themselves progressing linearly though time. This constraint can be an asset, perhaps no more deftly exploited than by Andrei Tarkovksy - who wrote an entire book about sculpting time in the medium of filmmaking. 

The most powerful experiences stretch us beyond our own known world, imbuing us with new perspectives. Furthermore, by having some agency in how the experience forms, the passive mode of movie-watching can turn into something tangibly active. The stories themselves can’t be linear any longer, as illustrated above, so every intention in the experience must be that much more rewarding.