Our story

VERTOV is a digital storytelling agency from Amsterdam. We create stories in social media that matter, here and now.

From online branding, to viral videos, to social media posts… story is always heart and center of our work.

So your brand can truly connect to audiences of today’s world!


Martijn Winkler – Twitter | Tumblr | InstagramLinkedIn
Founding Partner and Creative Director


“VERTOV is the essence of a great creative agency: independent, uncompromising in quality and always focused on the audience, not by listening per se, but by staying ahead, pulling the audience on- and inwards. There’s a fine line between surprise and shock when it comes to creating new and innovative ideas. The art is balancing this line.”

Originally a writer/director of award winning films and drama series for television and film festivals such as Cannes and Palm Springs, Martijn (1978) steadily built a strong expertise in online and new media by working as a creative director in the digital agency field. In 2012 he founded VERTOV digital storytelling, partnering with Gervaise Coebergh from Coebergh Communicatie & PR.
He has worked as a lead creative on accounts such as Tumblr, ANWB and ABN AMRO, has been nominated for several awards, including the Digital Communication Awards 2013 in Berlin and The Best Social Media Award in Amsterdam, and won a EMEA SABRE Diamond Award in 2014 in London for his Rituals Cosmetics’ Laughing Buddha campaign, and a Dolphin in Cannes in 2016 for his ANWB Winter Is Coming campaign.

He is president of the Dutch Directors Guild, contributor to leading Dutch communication/tech blog Frankwatching, guest lecturer at the Dutch Film and Television Academy and the University of Amsterdam, and is debuting with a novel at publisher Atlas Contact in 2017.



Gervaise Coebergh – Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn
Founding Partner


“VERTOV power enriches the working field of marketeers and communication professionals and is a strong tool for ambitious companies and people. While storytelling is as old as mankind, the digital aspect creates new opportunities. The increasing importance of the visual aspects in communication (read: life) also triggered us to start this agency. For me VERTOV is a great opportunity too to stay connected with new generations of ambitious people and ideas, next to all other inspiring businesses I’m involved in.”

Gervaise (1966) is founding partner of a.o. Coebergh Communicatie & PRSpice PR, VERTOV, BeterThuis and even owner of natural campsite and restaurant Voscheheugte. Winner of the 2011 People’s Choice Porsche Business Woman of the Year Award and nominated as one of the 100 most successful businesswomen of the Netherlands in 2013, 2015 and 2016, as well as one of the 50 most inspiring businesswomen of the Netherlands.




Erris van Ginkel
Creative Director


“I connect people with stories. In both text, design, and audiovisual translation. Love to be involved in projects with great impact. Whether hundreds of thousands of visitors, or 10 employees. As long as something changes, a mental switch is flipped, there’s an emotional effect. The projects I’m involved in are identity development, corporate design, change management, branding and creating experiences, film and online media. In the past few years I’ve won various (inter) national awards doing for my work.

In addition, my heart is in theater. I write and direct theater productions for theater producers. I am artistic director of the renowned theater Touchstone in Amsterdam. I direct and assist established comedians and entertainers in the realization of their full-length program. And I’ve won prizes for some of the songs I wrote.”




Mandy Lim Email
Account Manager


“I combine my experience in account management, project coordination, budget management and supervision of creation. I have a degree in communication management and design.

Although we want to be surprising with our concepts and expressions, we want to predictable in the process itself. Working according to a fixed structure. With clear mutual expectations. With predictable go and no-go moments. Fixed agreements on schedule and budget. A strong and open collaboration with our clients always results in the best concepts and media deliverables. We understand the complexity of a large organization and the way to make it work together as an agency. But we also find it very refreshing to work for smaller organizations. Our basic rule: a good idea can be implemented for any budget. Want to capture the mood of your audience? Don’t hesitate to contact me!”



Anne Koopmanschap – Twitter | LinkedIn


Anne (1978) is an experienced producer for corporate, commercial, video for internet and short films. Working with different creative agencies and clients, he is an established name when it comes to producing audiovisual stories for audiences of the digital age: from high-end commercial campaigns for the National Postcode Lottery, to hilarious online virals for Hi Mobile. Through VERTOV he has applied his expertise to digital storytelling production, creating meaningful stories in an effective way, and reaching a new generation of viewers – both online and offline.