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VERTOV is a creative agency that specializes in digital storytelling: creative media campaigns for audiences of the digital age, with social media spinoff!
What’s your story?

Creating powerful stories for audiences of the digital age.

Established in 2012, VERTOV is a creative agency that specializes in digital storytelling – standout films, interactive multimedia and social media campaigns that connect today’s audiences with brands and businesses. And heck, sometimes we simply create awesome stories that we feel have to be told and that we love to share with people, for blogs, (television) broadcasters or film festivals.

But whatever story we tell: We go where your audience goes!

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VERTOV combines:

  • an excellence in classic storytelling – creating compelling stories that engage audiences
  • an expertise in new media – fully appreciating all new possibilities of emerging technologies
  • and a knack for business – transforming abstract issues into effective solutions


Read our article on digital storytelling on Frankwatching.com, the leading online magazine for digital trends (in Dutch): Digital Storytelling: meer dan een goed verhaal.

Even more about us:

  • Our team (for instance our founders Martijn Winkler & Gervaise Coebergh)
  • Dziga Vertov (What’s in a name?)