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Martijn Winkler hosting IDFA Industry Talk

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

On November 24th, Vertov’s creative director Martijn Winkler will be moderating the Industry Talk ‘Short Cuts to the Future’ at  the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Accompanied by  industry insiders, the uprise of new media, the changing old media and the new options for content creators are just a fraction of what will be discussed. With journalistic websites focussing more on developing video content, two questions arise: is the choice for this form driven bij editorial decisions, or are short docs being used as a way to reach new audiences? And most of all: what are the challenges and benefits of creating online content for a filmmaker?

Time: 24th November, 15:00
Location: Brakke Grond Rode Zaal
Guests: Charlie Phillips (The Guardian), Jason Spingarn-Koff (The New York Times), Sjoerd Raaijmakers (Vice Benelux), Jos de Putter (de Correspondent), Jigar Mehta (AJ+)









Source: IDFA

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